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Patents soon pending

The United States Patent And Trademark Office has granted us permission to submit our patents electronically using the Electronic Filing System, Electronic Business Center.

Portland State University Students Characterize P.D.L.C. prototypes

Portland State University students have tested the performance characteristics of the P.D.L.C. prototype displays.  These display prototypes were over 2 years old.  The students reported good results for the displays performance.  Interested investors may contact us for copies of the report.

Portland State University Students Analyze Display Prototypes

Portland State University students will formally define the performance characteristics of several display formulations.  These prototypes were made over 2 years ago, and stored in an outdoor garage.  The students results will predict the performance and shelf life of our displays.

S.I.D. Investors Conference is May 23rd in Vancouver, Canada

More information for investors can be found at : and

Electrically conductive holographic pattern backplane adds drama to Christmas themed products

Holographic patterns efficiently diffuse light, allowing a designer to hide complex patterns with an opaque white overprint.  The white overprint closely matches the hue of the P.D.L.C. pattern, the P.D.L.C. “pixels”.  As the coin cell battery excites the P.D.L.C. mixture, the mixture becomes transparent, revealing the holographic pattern beneath.  Holographic patterns are popular for Christmas themed products, and the P.D.L.C. adds apparent motion and interest to Christmas products.

AngelList receives SEC no action letter

AngelList receives SEC no action letter on April Fools Day, 2013.  Publicity Providers begins AngelList crowdfunding planning on May 1st.