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I.P Licensing

I.P Licensing


Our I.P. is very affordable, commensurate with the low price point products you distribute.

We quote I.P. as a combination of an annual maintenance fee, and a few percentage points of the gross sales.

Our I.P. is summarized as :

Li-Fi, aka V.L.C., visual light communication, that enables virtually any display to communicate to microcontroller gadgets, without causing discomfort to the user.

A means to manufacture displays incorporating dichroic dyes, wherein the displays have good contrast, since the dye is predominantly mixed within the liquid crystal chemical.

A novel anisotropic adhesive comprised of polymer.

A multifunction resin that is precisely cast onto substrates for displays.

A novel means of manufacturing displays.


In addition to our formal I.P., we have a generous amount of “know how” that will help you quickly ramp up your production of displays.

Consulting is available on an hourly or daily basis.

Our liquid crystal employees  will work with you at your production facility in the U.S.A. or Europe or China or India.


We also sell electronic (cleanroom) grade dichroic dyes, liquid crystal, liquid crystal additives, and glass spacers.

Spacer ink, dielectric ink, commodity plastic subtrates, and conductive polymer is ideally purchased from your current vendors.


We have sourced semiconductors suitable for the displays, and can ship complete printed circuit boards in as little as 3 weeks from subcontractors in Asia.

Please contact us for datasheets about the semiconductors.

Please contact us for a quick quote!