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Flexible Flat Panel Displays
By: Gregory Philip Crawford

Flexible displays are currently one of the most researched topics within the flat panel display community. They promise to change our display-centric world by replacing bulky rigid devices with those that are paper-thin and can be rolled away or folded up when not in use.

Conjugated Polymers: Processing and Applications
By: Terje A. S

Many significant fundamental concepts and practical applications have developed since the publication of the best-selling second edition of the Handbook of Conducting Polymers. Now divided into two books, the third edition continues to retain the excellent expertise of the editors and world-renowned contributors while providing superior coverage of the […]

Liquid crystal dispersions
By: Paul S. Drzaic

Liquid Crystal Displays: Addressing Schemes and Electro-Optical Effects
By: Ernst Lueder

In this second edition of Liquid Crystal Displays, Ernst Lueder provides a timely update to his successful text. His unique combination of theory and practice presents all the information required for the development and manufacture of modern high performance and energy saving LCDs.

Liquid Crystals In Complex Geometries: Formed by Polymer And Porous Networks
By: G.P Crawford, S Zumer

Focusing on the applied and basic aspects of confined liquid crystals, this book provides a current treatise of the subject matter and places it in the broader context of electrooptic applications. The book takes an interdisciplinary approach to the  […]

Reflective liquid crystal displays
By: Shin-Tson Wu, Deng-Ke Yang

The evolution of portable communications applications has been facilitated largely by the development of reflective LCD technology. Offering a unique insight into state-of-the art display technologies, Reflective Liquid Crystal Displays covers the basic operations principles, exemplary device structures and fundamental material properties of device components.