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Federal I.D. #6OI-33X-XXX
Import Bond : RN 77352
Bank : Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT
RN : 77352
D-U-N-S # 6OI-33X-XXX
Customhouse Broker : Airport Brokers

We’ve invented animated, personalized “skins” for a wide variety of consumer gifts.  LCD based flexible, conformal “skins” that the consumer can custom design with an app running on their mobile.  The consumer simply chooses their preferred text or icons, and within seconds their birthday card, or baseball hat, or headband displays their message.

We manufacture these lcd skins using R2R web equipment combined with pick and place modules in a class M3 softwall cleanroom.

We have patents pending.

 Return Policy. Criteria for returns, time period for returns, processing time,

is listed with each individual product selling page.  Inquiries about returns :

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