DIANO 2100E X-Ray Diffractometer System XRD, Weight : 250 kg, GTIN : DIANO00788, BRAND NAME : DIANO



Manufactured by Diano, https://www.dianocorp.com/ , of Wolburn Massachusetts USA
Includes manuals and many dozens of sample holders.  Excellent condition.
For software, I recommend writing your own bins using Excel spreadsheet or Open Office Calc.  A tutorial is available, please email me for a copy.

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DIANO X-Ray Diffraction systems are used in a wide variety of applications. Diffraction is one of the most powerful methods available for fundamental research, product development and production control. As a non-destructive procedure, DIANO Diffraction systems are used throughout industry, education and independent laboratories. The following list gives you a sample of the many and diverse diffractometer applications solved by DIANO today.

  • Furnish a unique and unquestionable characterization of individual chemical compounds.
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of compounds in a mixture.
  • Positive identification of the phases of identical chemical formula but differing in crystal structure and in physical properties.
  • A non-destructive method of determining residual surface stresses in metals.
  • Identification of inclusions in metals.
  • Determination of the amount of retained austenite in alloy steels.
  • Study of the mechanism of fatigue and other types of metal failure.
  • Study of precipitation and hardening.
  • Study of relations between time and temperature of anneal.
  • Determination of quench and temper structures of spring steel.
  • Determination of the structure of welds and the presence of strains or distortion.
  • Determination of the structure and chemical changes occurring during sintering, fusing and other thermal treatments.


  • Identification of alloy components.
  • Routine determination of percentage composition of solid solution phases on the basis of measurement of line shift.
  • Determination of phase diagrams of alloy systems.
  • Determination of crystallite size and orientation accompanying hot or cold working of materials.
  • Study of effect of grain size and composition of rolled strip.
  • Determination of slip planes, fiber structure, etc., of rolled sheet and drawn wire.
  • Study of zonal structure characteristics as between surface and interior structures.
  • Furnishes explanation of structural failures in spinning, cupping and stamping operations.
  • Measurement of the depth of cold work caused by machining, drilling, punching, grinding, etc.
  • Identification of different types of synthetic rubber and differentiation from natural rubber.
  • Study of chemical reactions during the vulcanization and other processing of rubber goods.
  • Measurement of crystal size, preferred orientation and thickness of electro-deposited films.
  • Determination between true and false hydrates.
  • Study of the mechanism of catalysts.
  • Determination of the mechanism of reactions and transformation in solid state at high and low temperatures.
  • Identification, classification and evaluation of ores, clays and other minerals.
  • Identification of substances imparting color and or opacity to glasses or enamels.
  • Study of the degree of crystallinity of glass and other quasi amorphous materials.

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Weight 250 kg