Shimadzu Spectrophotometer 2401pc Ultraviolet-Visible 2xBeam UV Vis




Shimadzu Scientific Spectrophotometer Ultraviolet-Visible Double Beam Serial #A10834232140 UV 2401 PC recording

Here is an exciting video of the Shimadzu booting up :

Your actual freight cost is $400.00

There is NO CRACK in the SLIDING DOOR of this Shimadzu I am selling, unlike the “cheaper” one being sold by another Ebay seller. I wonder how a Shimadzu can function with a crack in the sliding door? You and I both know that the Magic Smoke escaped through that crack in the Shimadzu.

After all, we all know that once the Magic Smoke escapes from electronic devices like vcrs, betamaxes, 8 track tape players – and of course, Spectrophotometers – that these electronic devices never work the same. Don’t you agree? I mean, after all, is your 8 track tape player still working?

Works well, operated by government employees. Do you need to see more photos? Would you like me to post a video of the Shimadzu booting up? Please advise.

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