Videojet CO2 laser S25 marking with stand good shape guaranteed to work




Videojet CO2 laser S25 marking withstand good shape guaranteed to work.

Sorry for the lousy photos. I pulled my back so I could not place the laser for good photos. This Videojet is in great shape and works. One of the interns and I fired it up and caught the shop on fire for a few moments. You will shoot your eye out if you are not careful.

Your freight cost is $500.00

This Videojet has a super commercial quality stand that it mounts to. Easy to make change overs for packaging marking applications.

I bought it for testing from a prominent broker in Indiana that you know. However I am currently testing Xenon flash sintering instead. And Xenon is not working for me so far, so I doubt that laser will do me any better. Seems likely that the graphene and the MoS2 are heat sinks, so the silver nanoparticles and the Copper Oxide nanoparticles just don’t sinter fast enough.

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